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TORSEN Traction Differential T-3 (Type 3 or Type C)

TYPE 3 TRACTION DIFFERENTIAL  JTEKT Torsen's new generation T-3  Traction Differential are ideally suited for center applications, dividing torque front to rear in all-wheel drive vehiclesSimilar to the T-2 parallel axis differential, the T-3 uses helical planetary gears which pilot on their outside diameter.  The T-3, however, uses an extremely compact planetary gear configuration capable of nominal torque splits other than 50/50.  The planetary nature of the design allows for a forward or rearward biased torque split.

Unlike conventional speed sensing, limited-slip differentials, TORSEN T-3 is a full-time torque-sensing, torque biasing system.  Torque and differentiation are continuously managed between the front and rear axles and biased instantaneously according to variable road conditions, automatically shifting the power to the wheel with the most traction before any wheel slip can occur.  There are no clutches or preload to worry about, in fact, the TORSEN T-3's patented helical planetary gearing system is designed to perform for the life of the vehicle.

TORSEN T-3 Traction Differentials are available with a locking capability range of 20-30% and a nominal split from 65:35 and 35:65, front to rear.  The T-3 can be designed to fit most transmissions or transaxles with no modifications required.  In addition, it is fully compatible with ABS, Traction Control Systems, and Stability Control Systems, providing the ultimate traction management systems.










MULTIFUNCTION CAPABILITIES  bias_chart.jpg (25395 bytes)The TORSEN T-3 is an advanced, multi-function traction system providing continuous, uninterrupted torque output, splitting, biasing, and differentiation in one integral unit.  It is always active, responding instantly to torque feedback from variable driving conditions.



Split_coefficient_chart.jpg (37486 bytes)


ENHANCED PERFORMANCE  The TORSEN T-3's capability to immediately respond to variable driving conditions not only provides better traction, it also enhances the general performance of a vehicle.  There is a marked improvement in total tractive effort as compared to open or speed-sensing center differential equipped vehicles.  In addition, the exceptional efficiency of the T-3 allows the engine's torque to be used more effectively, delivering more horsepower to the road.  The combined improvement in traction and the augmented power results in a nimble yet sure-footed vehicle that provides better handling, increased acceleration and an improved margin of safety.


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                                    T2 separation forces.jpg (221825 bytes)           




  • Side Gear Thrust to Housing

  • Planet Gear Separation to Planet Carrier

  • Planet Gear Thrust to Planet Carrier

  • Helical Tooth Mesh



T2 diagram.jpg (481604 bytes)
Designed for today's modern all-wheel drive vehicles, the TORSEN T-3 Traction Differential is also suited for any application where a planetary differential is desired.  TORSEN T-3 advantages include helical planetary gear design allowing front or rear biased asymmetrical torque splits under normal conditions.  In addition, the number of planet gears can be increased or decreased, based upon system strength requirements.

T2_features_chart.gif (33596 bytes)


DESIGNED FOR HARD-TO-PACKAGE ALL-WHEEL DRIVE SYSTEMS   The new generation TORSEN T-3 Traction Differential provides efficient torque splitting, biasing, and differentiation for improved vehicle performance.  It is specifically engineered for hard to package all-wheel drive trains and is compatible with all automatic transmission fluids.  The unique (patent pending) Twin Differential configuration makes the TORSEN T-3 especially well suited for front wheel drive based applications that relied on external-mounted torque-on-demand couplings to drive the rear axle.  The Twin Differential offers the most compact all-wheel drive package with the greatest strength, while providing all the traction benefits of a TORSEN differential.  With the TORSEN T-3, the vehicle has true all-wheel drive, driving all the wheels all the time.  This can provide optimal traction management and deliver more power to the wheels, resulting in improved vehicle stability, handling, and performance.


TORSEN T-3 IS AVAILABLE FOR ALL SPLIT AND LOCKING AFFECT REQUIREMENTS  JTEKT Torsen North America, Inc. will custom design, engineer, test, and manufacture the TORSEN T-3 Traction Differential to meet your specific torque split and locking affect requirements.  Advanced TORSEN T-3 technology is a perfect match for applications with ABS, Traction Control, and stability control/vehicle dynamics systems, providing the ultimate traction control platforms for your vehicle.


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